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Branding – Further Development

After my group tutorial with Matt and also another individual tutorial with Ian, I developed my touchpoints further.

After looking through my touchpoints with Ian specifically, he showed me that I actually needed another touchpoint in order to have five complete points – because I had used the compliment slip and business card as two separate touchpoints, I had to create another as they were in fact technically classed as one touchpoint: stationary. I added uniform as my fifth touchpoint.

One of the key overall development that I made to the overall brand is that I removed the use of green in most places and instead kept it simple and consistent with just orange. I picked a pantone from a solid-coated colour swatch card: pantone 144C. Another key development is that I got rid of the use of serif fonts and replaced them for a sans.

The website:

I made developments and changes to my existing touchpoints on top of adding in the uniform. For example, it had been mentioned in my branding tutorials that the menu bar at the top of my website was illegible in white font on a pale blue-white background. To fix this, I simply added an orange tint (pantone 144C, 20%) behind the text. I have changed the typeface itself, both in the menu bar and the ‘shop now’ button, from serif to sans serif – I feel that all together, this gives it a much more professional look that fulfills the brief better.



I have added elements to the stationary so that it is now a set which includes, the business card, the compliment slip, and also a letterhead which I have since added. Pantone 144C has been used throughout all of the touchpoints, including the stationary set – when looking at my original stationary pieces compared to these now developed ones, you can see the slight difference in colour. In the stationary especially, using the pantone has added to the consistency within my touchpoints, ensuring there are no small but noticeable errors in the colours. The strip across the bottom of each stationary piece is in a 50% tint of the pantone, similarly to the menu bar on the website. I have slightly edited the ‘running horse’ design on the back of the business card – I have staggered the design which adds a sense of movement to the piece, as if the horses are in motion and are actually running. I have changed the majority of the typeface from serif to sans serif as it did not look right in writing the contact details, however I kept the words, ‘with compliments’ in serif as I feel that it works well in giving it a handwritten feel on the compliment slip.


On top of the stationary set, I wanted to create the brand something new and stylish, thus giving it a unique feel. I hope that I stamp like this will work well in doing this – it could be used to sign compliment slips and letterheads, giving it a personal touch for the customer.


Products and Packaging:

I have kept the packaging the same as I felt that any major changes were not necessary. I want the packaging to be kept simple, clean and appealing to the eye. I have however, improved the quality of the emboss effect in order to give a more realistic look.


I have created an example of what a potential product sold by Young Stallion would look like. Here, the logo has been embossed into the leather of the saddle – this mark would be made similarly on all of the company’s products.


Delivery Van:

The main development on the delivery van is the removal of the green strip from the bottom of the van’s body and the change to the orange pantone 144C instead. The geometric horse image now appears across the bottom of the van too, as an improvement suggested by Ian. Also, the typeface used, like on the rest of the touchpoints, is now a sans serif rather than serif font. The final development that I have made on the van is adding “Young Stallion” across the front of the van – it is written backwards so that when a driver looks in a mirror, e.g. their rear view mirror, they can read it normally.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 23.17.35.png


As the new touchpoint, the uniform is again based around the orange pantone 144C. There is still some changes I wish to make to this touchpoint, particularly the t-shirt. I want to try positioning the geometric horse image across the shirt, much like it is on the delivery van – I believe that this will add to the consistency of the brand as I feel that it does not quite fit with the other touchpoints currently.