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DFR – The Brief and First Tutorial

Now we had met our client and knew what Derwen was all about and what they wanted from us, we were finally prepared and ready to be given our exact briefs.

There were 10 briefs to choose from, based around 4 different themes:

  1. Intergenerational spaces
  2. Communicating with business partners
  3. Addressing the gender imbalance
  4. Identifying with the Hub

The theme that appealed most to me was the intergenerational theme. I like the idea of the challenge to communicate with a target audience of a huge age range, from children, to adults, to older people. The brief that I have chosen from this theme is: Communicating to Families.

We are working in small groups of 4 during the research stages, and then going on to create our own individual outcomes. We have also been designated a group mentor for the project – ours is Mia Tivey, an illustrator and graphic designer based in London. Mia was on the same course as us here and graduated back in 2013.

After choosing my brief, the next step was to begin putting together a creative brief. In today’s tutorial with Wendy, which was our first tutorial of the project, we spoke about our brief and about ‘the bigger picture’ which really helped me get my head around the project fully and I feel that I now know what the key things I want and need to focus on are.

During our tutorial with Wendy, we brainstormed ideas and grouped them into four key categories:

  • The bigger picture
  • Oppurtunities
  • Problems
  • Influences

After writing everything that we could think of down on sticky notes and sticking them up in front of us, we narrowed them down to one’s we thought were most important.

After our tutorial, my group and I went on to also make notes on: our objectives for this project; our target audience; and the important things to say/show. All of this, including what we covered with Wendy, will go towards my individual creative brief and help me put it together.