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Client Meeting and Exhibition

This afternoon we had our second client meeting in which we showed them our initial ideas and how we were developing them.

We opened our meeting by showing the small exhibition that we had set up on our given topic of ‘racism’. Our client seemed impressed by our setup and was interested in how we were using it to help us and relate back to our work on their own brief.


We explained how and why we had chosen to display our existing poster campaigns on racism, by theme. We wanted to focus on the more ‘lighthearted’ and ‘witty’ theme, rather than the aggressive, as we felt that this had more relevance to their own campaign. The ’emotive’ and ‘informative’ themes also had some use, but we do not want to make either of these themes too heavy in our own animations. We spoke about how we felt cancer was a very serious underlying topic, so we wanted to add a small amount of wit and humour to take some weight off. Our client agreed with this, and said that if our animations were able to get a smile, or a giggle, out of someone going through cancer treatment (or their families), it would be wonderful. Showing this exhibition has helped me confirm that by having a positive and upbeat vibe in my own animation, I am heading in the right direction.

When it came to showing our own individual ideas, I presented our clients with my storyboards that I have created so far – currently 3 out of 4. I also gave them copies of their own that they could take away with them to look over in their own time. It was great to get feedback from the clients, which overall was very positive. She seemed to really like how each of our ideas were slightly different but still all worked really well for what they needed.

Video 1: “Background information and the importance of ensuring food wellbeing during chemotherapy.”

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Video 2: “Top 10 tips on food safety.”

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Video 3: “Risk associated foods and the safer alternatives.”

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When looking through one of my storyboards, Ellen (one of our clients) pointed some minor points that could possibly be changed. It was great to get the constructive critique from her as this is exactly what I need in order to be able to go away and develop my storyboards further. My next step is to make minor edits to my existing storyboards and possibly change some scenes that I am no longer happy with. For example, in video 2, one of the modifications that I need to make, suggested by Ellen, is that cans do not technically have ‘use by’ dates on, they have ‘best before end’ dates instead. The dated labels that they are more interested in are the ‘use by’ ones. Although I could use the cans as purely representative, I want to change them to a relevant product – Ellen suggested milk cartons as an example of a ‘use by’ labelled product.

Apart from these minor changes, I need to complete the fourth storyboard that I am working on and also, to finish the scripts for the voiceovers of each of the videos – I will need to record them in order to get the timings of the animations right.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that earlier in the day before our client meeting, we spoke to Wendy who suggested that we did not actually have to create the animation. I relaid this suggestion onto our client during our meeting, and admitted honestly that personally, I felt that I would not be able to make it to the standard as, let’s say, somebody on the animation course, but would still happily make it for them if they still wished me to. I mentioned that there was the possibility of getting in touch with the animation course in University so that we could perhaps work together in order to achieve a better final outcome. The client put me more at ease when she said that they would not actually be launching the videos until the end of this year, so we had plenty of time to work on them. On saying this, I have decided that I will fully create both the script, voiceover and storyboards, and will aim to complete the actual animations too, but perhaps I will focus on just one within our time constraints and then continue to work with them outside of my other projects in order to complete the others. Our clients did not seem too fazed that I felt my animating skills were not as strong as others, and seemed pleased that I would be happy and willing to continue working with them – they were also open to the idea of getting in touch with the animation course to help further improve our creations. At the end of the day, it’s a great opportunity for me to be working on a live brief with real-life clients – it’s something that I can put on my CV too.