Host Development and Final Modifications

Since Friday’s final presentations, I have been making adjustments and modification based on my feedback that I received.

I have been working on developing a host for The giffgaff Gameshow over the weekend. I have been hugely inspired by Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python art. The strangeness and obscureness of it is bold, eye-catching and extravagant. I love the mixed media effect and look of his bizarre and unusual collages that mix together photography and illustrations.

Another artist who I love and am inspired by regularly is, collage artist Adam Hale (@the.daily.splice), who I follow on Instagram. He hand-makes all his collages using cutouts from fee magazines that he collects from around London. He takes the images out of context and then splices them together. His portrait collages are my favourites of his. I love the bizarre beauty of his work and they are also reminiscent to Terry Gilliam’s pieces because of this – Hale’s are almost like more clean and modernised versions.

Using both of these collagists as inspiration, I have created a gameshow host which I think is perfectly suitable. I decided, in order to make milk the cheesiness of gameshows and to really push the fact that The giffgaff Gameshow is a parody of the classics, I would make my own collage using existing gameshow hosts.

I tried two different ways of putting the host together, the first in horizontal strips and the second by splitting the face into quarters. I prefer my second almost as I feel the first is too busy and you can’t make out who the existing gameshow hosts are. However, in the second one, you can make out: Noel Edmunds (host of Britain’s Deal or No Deal) in the bottom left corner; Steve Harvey (host of Family Feud) in the bottom right; Howie Mandel (host of America’s Deal or No Deal) in the top right; and Bruce Forsyth (host of multiple popular gameshows including Play Your Cards Right, The Generation Game and The Price is Right). I want The giffgaff Gameshow host that I have created to appear in my video explaining how the gameshow works – perhaps the host can be the voice of the voiceover.