Making the Stop-Motion

This weekend, I booked out one of the stop-motion booths in the AV Suite at university from 10am-5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the aim to come in and get started on my actual animation.

I am pleased to say that I managed to complete the stop-motion for my first video. After doing the initial test last week where I met Tom who taught me how to use the stop-motion software, DragonFrame, I was fully able to ‘crack on’.

Stop-motion is definitely a lengthy process and is very time consuming. It was also incredibly frustrating because I had chosen, instead of drawing out hundreds of separate images that changed very slightly each time, to cut out the components from paper which I could move by hand very slightly in between each photograph was taken – although this method probably worked out as quicker than it would have if I had been to draw out individual images for each frame, it made it more fiddly. Almost every time that I would touch, knock or even breath on the paper, all of the tiny cutouts would move or go flying, often more so than I would want them to. After all of the frustrated cussing and swearing every time this happened, my end outcome after this weekend has made it all worth it.

I filmed the stop-motion in three separate parts – one for each day that I went in to university, so my next step is to put these sections together in iMovie to create one video. For my client meeting which we are having on Wednesday, I want to have a rough version of the video put together including a voiceover and some background music.


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Amber Lloyd

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