Ideation Stage Tutorial

This morning, my group had a tutorial with Ian in order to discuss our ideas so far and what the next stages for us were.

Although I do not yet have any proper visuals, I have been brainstorming a range of different ideas over the weekend and making notes on each to find which ones have the most promise and would work best for what I want and need to do. I do not want my video to be too serious. Because obviously cancer is so much of a serious issue already, I feel that any more deadpan-style information being give, would be almost scary and could frighten viewers off. I want my videos to be light-hearted and friendly, even though they are there to address a serious issue and people need to know this. Considering the time constraint we had, but wanting to do an animation rather than photographic film, I have decided to create a stop-motion film.

Looking back over my notes from our client meeting last week, I picked out a key bit of information that they had mentioned. They said that from their market research, in which they visited Velindre Cancer Centre and showed patients a range of existing campaigns and videos, they discovered that the viewers seemed to really engage with a sense of journey. I decided that I’d take this idea of a ‘journey’ and create a video which tells a story and has a narrative which the viewers can relate to. Deciding that I wanted to create a journey, my next step was to create a character to take this journey. I had to keep in mind that we only have about 4 weeks do create and finish 4 videos for our clients, so my character could not be too overly complicated. I have decided on a stickman.

After testing out a range of designs for my stick man character, including a variety of different hairstyles, in the end, I came back to one of my more simple stick man designs. I created some short strips to test out movements, such as walking.

My next step from here is to  write a script for each of the 4 videos and create a storyboard for each too. I am going to work on one at a time, starting with the top 10 food safety tips. By doing it this way, I will hopefully have a full script, list of scenes, and storyboard for at least one full film by next Tuesday 14th, because this is the day that we next meet our clients to show them how we are coming along with our ideas. As well as my written and drawn visuals, I hope to also have a very short moving image example that I will create on the iStopMotion software and machines that we have available to us in university, to show my clients so that they can get a better and clearer idea of what I am going for and what it will look like on-screen. In today’s tutorial, Ian suggested that before I begin the actually making of the video, that I have a recorded version of my voiceover script, so that I can then make my video around it – this means that I will be able to see where each bit of animation needs to go and also how long each part needs to be, depending on the voiceover length and timing. The voiceover will act by filling in any gaps in the visuals of my film, audibly – this means that I can afford to miss out some details in my visuals as the voiceover can make up for it – this will be necessary, again, because of our time constraints.

For our coming client meeting, as well as individual ideas, we also intend to have a mini-exhibition set up as a group to display a range of campaign examples all based around our given ‘side-topic’ of racism. We have decided that we are going to display examples of anti-racism campaigns, grouped by theme. For example, wit, aggression, emotive and informative. We will show a range of different styles of campaign, for example, posters, videos. We are hoping to relate our display to our clients by showing them how we feel that a theme of aggression would not work for their brief, whereas a light-hearted form of wit, would. After showing our exhibition, we will then go into individually showing our ideas and how we are developing them.


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