First Client Meeting

After contacting our clients, today we had a meeting with them to introduce ourselves and to talk over their brief.

After our first tutorial on Tuesday, Ian suggested that rather than just send a list of questions to our clients over email, that we reach out to them and ask if they would be interested in actually meeting us face to face to have a proper discussion. The same day, I sent our clients an email on behalf of myself and the rest of the Food Safety group. They quickly replied, seeming keen to meet up, and arranged a meeting almost immediately, which was of course, great for all of us.

Fortunately, our clients are two members of the health science staff that work on Llandaff campus at Cardiff Met, which certainly makes our lives easier when it comes to meeting with them – we barely had to step outside the front door. After going through the brief that we had been given in advance, we picked out any information that we felt might be useful but wasn’t included in the brief. We went in prepared with several questions that we wanted to ask them based on this. The first and foremost thing that we wanted to do was to ask for the booklet mentioned in the brief that contains all of the information. The other questions included: how many videos were they wanting and how long would they want each one to be; where would the finished videos be shown and displayed; is the target audience specifically just for the Velindre Cancer Centre or a more wide audience; do the videos need branding, for example, to Cardiff Met or Velindre Cancer Centre.

Today’s meeting was really helpful and definitely worthwhile – we gathered plenty of useful information from them. On receiving the current information booklet that they had, we all realised that they were asking for quite a lot from us considering the time constraint we have – the information booklet was bigger than I expected and was full to the rim with information. The booklet was broken down into six main sections, with separate ‘top tips’ sections on top – the client’s seemed to want everything included and explained that they want a separate video for each section. Unfortunately, we had to admit to them that this big of a request was simply not possible for us to undertake with only 4 weeks to create a finished outcome. We managed to meet half-way, agreeing to make them 4 very short videos, no longer than 1.5 minutes each. To reach this conclusion, we combined and condensed the existing sections, and were left with the following four:

  • General and background information – why there’s a need for food safety for the patients
  • Top 10 tips on food safety
  • The risked foods and the alternatives for them
  • Top 10 tips on nutritional advice

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