Screen Printing Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, I took part in a workshop on screen printing with Tom who is the ‘main man’ when it comes to printing processes.

For the first half hour, Tom showed us how to actually do screen printing, which was helpful considering that I’ve never actually done it before. After that, we were left to our own devices and allowed to create whatever screen print we wanted.


I wanted to do something related to my current work, so gained inspiration from the new project that we are starting – persuasion. As the brief I am working on in the project is based around food safety, I decided to do something food-related. As I am still working on the research stage of the persuasion project and am not at the stage of ideation yet, so I simply picked a food product that I felt would work well in print form – a burger.

Rather than just doing a single one-colour print, I chose the burger because I could create it in a layered fashion with multiple colours. I drew my burger design and then used a light-box to create the stencils which I would use to print through. As my burger was more than one colour – I had to create one stencil for each of the colours. Altogether I had 5 stencils:

  • One for yellow – this was the burger buns and the cheese.
  • One for green – this was for the lettuce.
  • One for red – this was for the tomato.
  • One for brown – this was for the meat.
  • One for white – this was for the sesame seeds.

Above are some of the images that I took during my screen printing process. Instead of writing out what the step-by-step process that we took was, I made a film which acts as a screen printing tutorial/lesson. I will be able to go back and watch this if I ever forget how we did it, but others can also watch it to learn how to screen print too.


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