Digital Stitch Workshop – Week 3

 This week in the digital stitch workshop, I worked more on my Young Stallion logo, this time being a bit more experimental with it.

Last week I used the smaller digital stitch machines but this week I used the really big one. It was crazy – it was almost twice as fast to stitch as the smaller machines are, and you can fit up to ten cotton reels on it at once, so you can use multiple colours without having to stop the machine and change them by hand like you need to do on the smaller machines – once you have programmed it to, the machine will change colour automatically. As well as changing colour on its own, it also cuts the thread in between different stitches on it’s own too. So for example, on my orange and green version of the logo, when the needle moved from triangle to triangle, it cut the thread before doing so meaning it not leave messy leftover lives behind when finished which I would have had to trim off by hand. However, although the machine is capable of this and I did use it for this particular horse, I turned off the ‘thread cutting’ option when it was stitching the block orange one, because it was a lengthy pattern to stitch out and by turning off the ‘cutting’ option, it chopped the time in half. This meant that for the orange horse only, I had to very carefully trim the ‘uncut threads’ off of the finished piece.

The orange horse, although it is only one colour, you can still make out the difference between the individually stitched triangles. This is because I have changed the angle of the stitches so that they are facing different directions to each other – this makes different triangles catch the light differently. I have not needed to do this on the green and orange horse as the colours are different. Both of these horse designs that I did today were much smaller than last week’s design as I wanted to fit more into one design. However, doing this has affected the quality – being so small, the triangles are less distinguishable, especially on the orange one which I feel would work much better if it was the size. If I were to use a ‘filled in’ version of the logo like this on the Young Stallion products, I would need to enlarge the design slightly – for this reason, I feel that an ‘outline’ style of the logo will be more suitable. I want to experiment with a few more outline ideas to narrow done my research and ideas further.


I have created a design using motif fills and embossed fill on the digital stitch computer software which I did not get the time to stitch out today. I plan on going back at some point hopefully this week to get this one stitched out.


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