Significance of Info – Final Outcome and Presentation

Today was the deadline day for our field project that I’ve been working on for the past three weeks.

This morning, we each gave presentations showing our research and development of our projects, and then showed our final outcome.

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I opened my presentation with what my topic was: a lesson on ‘How to speak Trump‘ and that overall, it was a study of Donald Trump’s body language. I talked through my initial ideas, such as how they were all Trump-based so I definitely knew that this was the direction I was heading, and why I decided to choose and settle on the particular one that I did. I added that I wanted it to be light-hearted and humorous, especially as Trump is such a scary character within the media at the moment and we very rarely, if ever, have anything positive to say about him – for this reason, my piece was going to be more light-hearted with a humorous spin. Basically, I wanted to make fun of and tease him a bit.

I spoke about how, as part of my research, I watched hundreds of Donald Trump’s speeches in order to analyse his behavioural traits, the way in which he speaks and most importantly his hand gestures and movements, which I chose to focus on. I explained how I wanted to look at whether his hand gestures had changed over time and, if so, how they had changed. To do this, I chose his four most common gestures that I discovered, and then three speeches from different time periods during his journey to presidency, to focus on, and then tallied how many times he used each gesture in each of the speeches and added notes such as when the gestures were used and what the they seemed to mean. I then showed how I had put them into pie charts in order to visually see and compare the changes – I picked out the use of his ‘hands out’ movement as an example as this had the most drastic change over time.

Next I moved onto developing my concepts from my initial ideas and research. I spoke about my first tutorial in David in which I brought a small sample of a video clip I had put together with a short voiceover, in order to roughly demonstrate how I wanted and hoped the final piece would look like. I spoke about how there was something not quite right about the voiceover I had done – it was too monotone and needed more sarcasm in it, however, it was also referred to as sounding like ‘the female David Attenborough’ which was almost so wrong, that it actually worked. I spoke about how from here, I played on this and used it to my advantage, I created my film as if was a nature documentary, like David Attenborough’s Planet Earth, and that Trump was the ‘wild animal’ that we were following.

The final development that I spoke about before showing my outcome was the addition of the part of the film which actually ‘teaches‘ the viewer the lesson on how to speak Trump. When realising that this was missing, I was already at a point of the process where my film was practically complete. Because of this, I did not want to add any more scenes to the film as this could ruin the timing and fabrication of my film, for example how the motions in the video match up with the background music. I stated that my ‘fix’ for this was the use of green screen which could be overlaid instead. I also displayed the templates for the Donald Trump face masks that I made to be used for my green screen model.

Finally, I showed my final outcome of the film:

How to Speak Donald Trump, Amber Lloyd.

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