Digital Stitch Workshop – Week 1 & 2

Today was my second week of the digital stitch workshop that I signed up for and have been doing.

What is digital stitch?

Digital stitch is simply the embroidery of a digital era.

During last week’s workshop, we were introduced to the software used to design for the digital embroidery machines. The software is an extremely versatile piece of software, and can be used for a wide variety of outcomes, including logo design, placement and repeat designs, and hand drawn images created in stitch. It is therefore suitable for students from all courses.

Digital Stitch Fill Types.jpg

Digital Stitch Fill Types2.jpg

Last week’s workshop covered all the basic tools needed to create a successful embroidery design, so this week we were able to get straight into doing our own designs. Today we worked from our own designs or artwork. We used the techniques and skills that we learnt in week one, as the basis for further advanced techniques that we used today. We were then able to stitch out our finished pieces on the embroidery machines.

I wanted to create something that would benefit the work that I am doing in my own subject. I decided that I would do something that could go towards my branding project that I had previously worked on. I took in, via USB, a pre-prepared image of my geometric horse that is part of my Young Stallion logo – this horse was also to be used as an embossed or stitched trademark on some of Young Stallion’s products, for example, saddles, horse jackets, riding clothes, etc. On the digital embroidery software, I drew the outline of the geometric horse ready to be stitched out on the machines.

Next week, I hope to continue to use the same Young Stallion logo but stitch it out in different ways. For example, I will compare using the normal weave stitch to the satin stitch – I can play with maybe filling in some triangles and try out some new colours as well.


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