Significance of Info – The Green Screen

Now that the masks were created, today I was able to get started on the finishing details of my film, using the green screen.

On looking at my video, I realised that it was missing what the title seemed to suggest – the title, ‘How to speak Donald Trump‘ suggested that it will be a lesson in which the viewer is taught to speak ‘Trump‘ – but where was the lesson in my film? I don’t feel that there was one. Now I have added the green screen effect; it acts as the lesson.

Today, I filmed my model carrying out Trump’s four main gestures wearing the face masks that I made last week. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, I then overlaid my clips over my already existing film, cropped them down, and then used the ultrakey effect to create the green screen, adjusting the pedestal within it.

When putting it all together in Premiere Pro, it was frustratingly fiddly to remove all of the background from behind my model in the clips – this is because the green behind the model was not all perfectly the same shade of green – the unevenness and shadows made it difficult to be neat. Also, some of the film’s quality, primarily when the model is in motion, such as when he is waving his hands and arms around, is not to the greatest of standards – although the video camera that I used was HD quality, it does not seem to have been enough for imitating Donald Trump’s wild and crazy gestures.

I have inserted the green screen clips to show in bursts of approximately 10 seconds, reenacting and copying Trump’s movements in order to teach the audience how to speak Donald Trump. In regards to positioning, I have put them in the bottom left hand corner of the video, similarly to the deaf interpreters that are sometimes seen on screen doing sign language to help those with bad hearing or who are deaf.


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Amber Lloyd

Graphic Communicator

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