Significance of Info – Development and Ideas

Continuing with the making of my ‘How to speak Trump’ film, I have finished all of the analysing of  Trump’s body language, including the voiceovers, added text and background music – it all seems to fitting together really well so far – I have aligned Trump’s movements in the film to match with my voice over. So for example, when talking about Trump’s pointing gesture. At the same time as I say “the point”, Trump carries at the gesture, as I say it – the little details like this, although it’s taking more time to get them right, is what I hope will make the difference and add to the quality of the finished film.

Since my last tutorial with David where it was suggested that I use more irony and sarcasm, I have completely changed the voice over. After studying the way in which David Attenborough speaks, I have tried to use this as inspiration when speaking in the video. In the video, I refer to Donald Trump as, ‘The wild Trump’ as if he is an animal rather than a human being. Also, I treat his body language and gestures as if they are ‘mating calls’, just like a wild animal in a nature documentary. The metaphor that I try and use throughout the film is that, Donald Trump (an animal) is trying to attract and mate with a potential parter, which in his case, is the citizens of America. By the end of the film, he has achieved this – he has become president.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 14.14.24.png

Currently, all of my film is more or less complete to a standard that I am happy with. However, David suggested that I include some of my own self-filmed parts, I am just unsure of where I would fit them in at the stage the film is at now – I would not want to add them and then it be ruined. To get around this problem, I have decided to save the film in it’s current state and then continue to add the extra bits, so that I can then decided whether it has improved and bettered the film or whether it was best how it was previously.

I have had several ideas that I could use for my own firsthand videos, including:

Face masks

These would be printed onto card and then either put onto sticks to be held in front of a face, or an elastic string could be attached instead.

Facial features mask

These would be photographs of Donald Trump, but zoomed in close to specific facial features – primarily his mouth or eyes due to him being known to contort these features most commonly. Rather than being printed them onto physical paper like the full-face masks, I could keep them digital, on a small screen such as a phone instead. The screen should then be able to be held up in front of somebody’s face and it will look as if Trump’s feature has replaced their own. I made sure to trial and error it before hand from home, but hope to test it out properly in the photograph suite in University, perhaps with the green screen.

Paper hands

Another idea was that I could somehow make a form of paper or cardboard hands, which I could then wear like gloves. They would be in the form of Trump’s gestures. However, these may not be needed if I use the face mask ideas.

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