Significance of Info – Development

Today I had an individual tutorial with David to show him what progress I have made with my concepts up to this point.

Since our last tutorial, I had mocked up a rough, short film using iMovie, just to act as a taster of what the finished film could look like. The film is meant to a documentary-style study of Donald Trump’s body language.

After watching  lots and lots of Trump’s speeches, I chose three speeches from three different time periods of his journey to presidency to analyse more thoroughly. The three speeches that I analysed were:

  • Donald Trump’s Presidential Announcement: 16th June 2015
  • Donald Trump Rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona: 19th March 2016
  • Donald Trump’s Inaugural Address: 20th January 2017

Using four of what I had found to be Trump’s most commonly used gestures, I tallied how many times each gesture was carried out throughout each speech. The four gestures are:

  • ‘OK sign’/’Air pinch’
  • ‘The point’
  • ‘The stop and slice’
  • ‘Open palms’/’The Wall’

I put the tallies into a bar charts, but due to the speeches being different lengths, meaning obviously, the longer speech would have more gestures, it would make it unfair if I were to use a pure straight count. Because of this, I converted the data into pie charts which arrange the data by percentage instead, making it fair. From the charts, I was able to tell which gestures were his most popular, but more interestingly, I was able to analyse the change of his gesture-use over the years.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 17.53.36.png

I have written out a full script of what I want to be said in the voiceover for the ‘Trump documentary’. I was struggling to start the film image-wise, so rather than start from the introduction, I went straight into creating the middle sections of it and then would work outwards – this way has seemed to work well so far because I can now see what the film will more or less look like and where I need to go from here. From looking at so many of Trump’s speeches, I have taken hundreds of screenshots of his gestures, so I started by simply inserting them in order, each for about 0.3 seconds each – when the film is played, it flashes through the images, much like a stop motion. Over the flashing images, I added a few pieces of short voiceover from my script, just to test out my voice and see how it sounded.

I showed several of my peers my short rough film so far, and they thought it was hilarious how posh I sounded in my voiceover, like a weather girl – the voiceover sounded nothing like my normal speaking voice and I think they were finding it hard to believe that it was actually me at all. The only worry they had was that I sounded almost too posh; all emotion from my voice seemed to have disappeared.

My tutorial with David:

When I showed David the video in my tutorial, although the video itself was nothing much yet, he said the documentary style worked well. Like my peers, he thought the voiceover that I had done was very amusing. He pointed out that I sounded like a female David Attenborough doing a wild life documentary. On saying this, he then went on to say, that this was actually what made it great – it just needs a little more sarcasm in the voice to make it work.

After my tutorial with David, I am going to continue with the documentary-style film on ‘How to speak Trump’, however I am going to really milk the David Attenborough wildlife idea, as I feel that this would work as fantastic irony and could create a strong comedic effect for the film – which is what it needs at this point, considering my aim was to make the theme light-hearted and humorous.


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