Significance of Info – Initial Ideas and Visuals

After our first group tutorials on Tuesday, in which we showed our initial concepts and research, today we presented and got critiqued on our first visuals of our ideas.

Earlier on in the week, I had several ideas, all with a running theme of one character: Donald Trump. It was clear from the beginning that ‘he’ was the direction that I wanted to take this project in. Some of my initial ideas included:

  • Trump vs. Obama (in which I would look at what both did, each in their first week of presidency)
  • Trump’s first week of Presidency (full timeline included)
  • Trump’s Quotes (focusing on the most outrageous)
  • A Trump Timeline (from his DOB to presidency)

Since my first tutorial on Tuesday, although I am sticking with Mr Donald Trump, my idea has evolved.

It was great seeing all sorts of different ideas and visuals from my peers today – it was really interesting seeing everybody’s visual concepts. I felt that mine was very different and at first was quite unsure because of this. However, after presenting my Donald Trump idea and visuals so far – I felt much more confident with where I was going to head next, as I received plenty of positive feedback with several further ideas and developments suggested as well.

There was a lot of very serious issues being looked at among the group, such as woman’s rights, protesting, black killings, environmental issues, etc, and although mine is a rather serious issue as well – being Donald Trump – I have taken a more light-hearted, humorous approach towards the topic. I have decided on taking this approach because I feel that the issue is already actually rather frightening, especially now that Trump is officially the President of the United States, so instead of adding to this already existing worldwide fear, I decided to take a more cheery and comical direction with the matter.

I have named my project: How to speak Donald Trump.

I have looked at and really analysed Trump’s behavioural traits, his speech and hugely, his hand gestures and movements. I have had to watch endless amounts of his speeches, particularly his presidential rally that he gave across the whole of the US, and which ran throughout both 2015 and 2016 – and although I am sick of hearing his ‘stupid’ raving about how he’s going to “make America great again”, I am beginning to understand just how important his traits and habits are and have been for him throughout his campaign – the way in which he speaks and acts so energetically, excitably and enthusiastically, manages to really tap a vein of nationalism among Americans.

Although I really still don’t like the guy and I really can’t believe that I’m actually saying this, but after all of my speech analysing, it’s hard not to be almost inspired by him, or his aura at very least. I can just about see and understand how and why all of his American supporters have been brainwashed by him.


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Amber Lloyd

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