Beautiful Systems – Developing Ideas

Today we began the creation of our information design, using the data we collected from our shoe survey on Tuesday.

We had several ideas on ways to display the information that we had collected. One of which was, displaying the information in 3D on an actual shoe itself which we decided against as we felt using a shoe to display shoes was just a bit to obvious and also, something similar was done by the previous year group before us. After deciding against using actual shoes, I decided to brainstorm other objects and terms that are related to shoes instead.


In the end, we decided on doing something with shoelaces as we felt they had the most potential.

We decided that we wanted to somehow create the charts that I had created previously with the actual laces. One of my peers suggested that we could create a 3D bar chart which somehow stands up, perhaps by using glue which is then left to dry thus making the laces hopefully stiff enough to stand upright. However, I suggested that we could maybe create a stop motion video with the laces as if they were alive and ‘slithering’ around, creating the shape of the charts. This idea seemed to be the favourite so is the one we went with.

After deciding on a stop motion film, we spent the majority of today, before going to our lecture on dissertation planning, in the AVA suite. I had not previously used the machines and the iStopMotion software so it was great to get on and use them. The process is clearly quite lengthy as it is fiddly having to move the laces across the surface bit by bit, remembering to take snapshots in between to form the film – especially as the laces weren’t the most helpful subject when it came to making them stay in the position we wanted them to. We used 12 frames per second in order to get a good quality of film, but without it having too many as well – the more frames used, the more time it would us take to make. So far, today we created about 10 seconds worth of film and we intend to finish the rest of it off on Monday.


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Amber Lloyd

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