Beautiful Systems – The Data

I started by laying out the data that we collected, from our survey which we carried out on Tuesday between 3pm and 4pm, in a table on Microsoft Excel and then converted it into both a bar chart and a series of pie charts so that we could clearly see what type of shoes were worn by students from each school – the Art School, the Business School and the Health Science School.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 11.21.15.png

Together, the charts clearly show sport style shoes were the most popular in both the Business and Health Science Schools, whereas the Art School was different, with skate style shoes being the most popular with 42% of the students wearing them. Boots were also more commonly worn by art students, over the other two schools. Neither of these necessarily surprise me as we had previously suspected that a more quirky style, like skate or boots, would be more popular among art students. Within all three of the schools, heels were unsurprisingly the least worn and those of which we did count were mainly low-heeled – this makes sense as heels are not considered the most practical style of shoe so would not be worn to university by most.

Now we can clearly see the information and patterns within the data, the next step is to start making a more creative design to display the information efficiently.


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Amber Lloyd

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