Reflection on Field – Publish!

For Publish, we had the opportunity to either work individually or in small groups of our own choice. Of course, I jumped at the chance to work in a team, especially as I could pick people to work with who I knew that I could rely on to all play their part and share the workload between us equally. I found being able to pick our own groups made a huge difference to being put into groups, especially after having a previously bad experience working in a group that I had not personally chosen. We knew that working in a group would allow us to take on a heavier workload, as there was obviously more of us to share the work between – this meant that we could really push ourselves to create a great project that we were all proud of.

We chose to create an editorial piece that could potentially benefit and be used in the real-world – we decided on creating something for the University and students, and more specifically for our own course of Graphic Communication. We started looking into the idea of creating a new prospectus – there is already an existing prospectus for the whole of Cardiff School of Art & Design and after noticing that some of the other courses within CSAD have a prospectus for their own individual subject, we were surprised that the Graphic Communication course did not currently have one. We had found the gap that we wanted to fill. Finding a gap in the market was a great way to decide what we wanted to create and I am able to take this way of working into my other projects – I can look at what is already out there and more importantly, find what is not already out there, so that I can fill that gap myself.

We wanted to play with form and layout, so decided on creating a multi-layered cover in which we played with size and positioning. It turned out to be much more challenging than we thought, but this was exactly what was so great about this project. Through being experimental and pushing ourselves to try and create something outside of our comfort zone, we have learnt something new and can now reuse this skill in any of our further work where it may be suitable. This is something that I feel I have been able to do a lot more this year, rather than being restrained by tight briefs, we have been allowed to be experimental and playful while challenging ourselves to become overall better designers. In order to get the prospectus’ cover correct and aligned properly, I created several paper mock-ups until we were happy with how it was looking. Making mock-ups was undeniably helpful with a project like this – it helped us to get a full hands-on visual of what the final outcome would look like in the end and to see where corrections and modifications had to be made. Doing this was much more telling than just looking at an InDesign file on a computer screen and I believe that if we hadn’t actually printed mock-up trial runs of the piece, we could have ended with a disaster when we came to print the finished piece at the end. Creating this cover was definitely a stand out learning experience within this project for me.

We made sure to be experimental throughout the prospectus. Every page, from the important course information and entry requirements, to the fun quotes, portfolio tips, and interview with David, was interesting and eye-catching. Overall, I was so pleased with the outcome of the editorial piece and it has really inspired me to get into doing editorial more as I really love doing it and I feel that this project has really helped me to develop what strengths I already had in the area.


Published by

Amber Lloyd

Graphic Communicator

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