S4C Pitch to Clients

Pitch Plan

Before our real pitch to the clients this morning, we had a plan. We had made a list of what we needed to say, include and cover in our S4C pitch. We wanted to ensure that everybody had a part to say in order to show the same amount of enthusiasm from each of us.

We decided to open our pitch tomorrow by asking the clients a rhetorical question, “What advert best sticks in your mind right now?” And then giving them our answer, “Humour.” This then leads into us talking about why we decided to use humour in our own ident idea. The presentation matches as it opens with some examples of previous memorable humorous advertisements. We want to talk about our inspirations, in particular ‘Vine’, in the way that they create short comedy videos that often then go viral across further platforms, such as social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. We will need to talk about the target audience and include about how we hope that reaching further social media platforms will attract the younger generations who are its main users. The next slide will present our own detailed storyboard and we will explain the plot verbally alongside it. Our booklet containing the scene-by-scene script should serve this well too if they want to read the plot again. The last thing our presentation shows is the short video clip of our animation on the flipcard.


What went well:

  • Everyone spoke well about their parts – nobody forgot what was needed to be said and we seemed to get our idea across to the clients really well. We included everything that we had planned to say from the pitch plan above.
  • The clients seemed to like our idea – they made comments on liking the humour aspect and the use of the animation over photographic film. They also pointed out that our tagline of “This time of year, all you see is Wales,” was wonderful and that they often use taglines within S4C. They mentioned that it would be great for using in hashtags for social media platforms, etc – they also said we were the first group to actually have a tagline, which was brilliant to here as they seemed to approve of it so greatly.
  • The visuals – the visuals were a key point that both Ian and Owen had suggested we work on in our previous practice pitch on Monday, so we made sure that we did this. The whole presentation itself was new since Monday and I feel that this made the biggest and best difference. It meant that the clients had something to look at while we spoke at our idea, helping them visualise our idea as how we’d want it look, rather than just having to imagine the visuals up for themselves in their own heads.

What could have been done better:

  • I felt a little rushed before going in – we had to make a few last changes to the booklet this morning before our pitch. Fortunately, I managed to get everything added in on time so the clients would have had no idea about our previous last-minute panic, but it was of course still a little stressful at the time.
  • We didn’t introduce ourselves – although we all said hello and greeted the clients well, even after planning to introduce ourselves by name, we went straight into talking about our idea without actually each telling the clients our names.

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Amber Lloyd

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