S4C Practice Pitch

Yesterday afternoon we had our practice pitch with Ian and Owen, ready for our real pitch to our S4C clients tomorrow.

We spent yesterday morning preparing a booklet that we would print onto paper and give to our clients to take away with them tomorrow on Wednesday. Hopefully this will be a great way for them to remember us by as they are able to take something physical away with them to look back on in their own time. In the booklet, we included an overview of our idea, a detailed scene-by-scene script, and a detailed visual storyboard. Today I added the final touches to the booklet.

This morning, Yanni brought in her finished hand-drawn images which we then scanned in to the computer and neatened ready for the animation. Once edited, George put together the short stop-motion animation and put it onto the flipcard held by the Psychiatrist character. The outcome was simple but effective and hopefully will be useful in our client pitch tomorrow in clearly demonstrating what the animations would look like laid over the photographic film.

Although this version is only rough for the sake of the pitch, it shows well the combination of both the film and animation that we plan to use if we get picked. Also, in this particular animation, there only approximately 4 frames-per-second, but this is because we only used 8 images to create the animation. If S4C were to select our idea as one of the ones to be taken forward and developed further, there would of course be a much higher rate of frames-per-second, hugely improving the quality of the animation. Also, the photographic image behind the animation would not be a still photo in ‘the real thing’, it will be moving image.

Tom worked on putting together a more detailed storyboard. This would allow the clients to clearly and fully see exactly how the 30-second ident would look. Adding to this, I added annotations of effects, transitions and notes to each thumbnail.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, I have put together a presentation to show on a large screen behind us during our pitch so that our client’s have visuals to look at. More visuals was an improvement that Ian and Owen suggested, so we made sure to take this into consideration and work on it to make sure we had enough for our real pitch tomorrow with our S4C clients.


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