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Today we met up to continue working on our Graphic Communication prospectus for new students.

Our first job was to fix what we struggled with last time… the title across the front pages. Fortunately, as we had worked out what the actual problem was during our last meeting, it did not take us long to fix it. We simply printed out the piece again – we left it to print on A3 paper as the printer had originally wanted to before we adjusted the setting to A4 last week. And it worked! Below are the ‘before’ (above) and ‘after’ (below) photos of our print-outs:

I am really pleased with how the title typography turned out – it was really fiddly to make and to make sure that everything lined up correctly on InDesign in order to achieve the correct look when it was printed onto paper and I am really impressed and proud of the turn out – everything lines up perfectly. Now that we had the title all ready and were happy with what it looked like when printed, we were able to begin working more on the actual context of the journal/prospectus.

We began by collecting context from both the Cardiff Metropolitan Website and the CSAD Graphic Communication blog – we collected any information about the course that we could find and then sorted through and picked out the most useful information to us. We created a general layout which seems to work and trialled it alongside some of our chosen images. We want to keep the tone of the prospectus informal and friendly, as we were very sure to keep our target audience in mind – upcoming university students. I feel that one of the course’s big selling points is the laid back, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Personally, I remember from visiting the University here myself on open days, feeling a sense of homeliness and belonging – much more so than many of the other universities that I visited, which seemed to be very reputation and grades-orientated, rather than student-orientated – and this is the exact feeling I want people to get when reading through our prospectus.


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Amber Lloyd

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