S4C Development

Yesterday and today, we started filming and putting a short rough film together.

The work we are doing to develop our S4C St. David’s day ident at the moment, is preparation for our pitches to our clients next week, on Wednesday 23rd Nov. We started yesterday, by writing out a detailed timeline, which we plan on turning into a storyboard before our presentations so that we can show a both visual and detailed representation of exactly what we plan for our 30 second piece to look like, giving them a clear insight.

We developed the storyline since our last rough storyboard that we presented to Ian and Owen originally, so presented a newer idea to Ian today. Although the plot is still that the doctor shows the patient a range of flip cards, the way in which the patient ‘imagines up’ what he sees has been developed and made more interesting. We came up with four different ways of showing how the patient ‘sees’ the Welsh image. The patient would be looking at the flip card in front of him and the image could appear by:

  • the image on the flip card begins to change and morph into the Welsh shape in which the patient is seeing
  • the patient picks up sketch book and sketches what he sees (for example, he could sketch a leek bulb which could then sprout from the bottom of the page into a fully grown leek)
  • the patient looks out of the window at the sky and a cloud morphs (into an image of a dragon for example)
  • a thought bubble coming from the patient’s head with what he believes he’s seeing on the flip card inside the bubble

After we had a plan of what each scene would be, thanks to our timeline, we started filming. We used two volunteers from our course – one to play the role of the psychiatrist and one for the patient. We decided to work on just one out of four, of the flip card ideas (noted in the bullet points above) – we chose to begin with the first idea, and chose the Welsh image of a sheep to be the shape that would morph from the ‘scribbles’ on the flip card. Within our group of five people, we split into two separate groups so that we were able to work on two parts for the practice film, at the same time. Half of the group worked on creating the film, and have of the group worked on creating the images for the animation that would be put over the top in the form of stop motion.

Myself, George and Greta began creating the scenes on Adobe After Effects, which is a video editing software I have never used previously, but had a workshop on with Matt last week.

We found that using the software, we were able to achieve what we needed in order to present the very rough idea to Ian in our tutorial, in motion form. We started by correcting the colour of the video by adding Auto Color to the clips from ‘Effects & Prefects‘ and then began cropping and splitting the clips in order to reposition them within the timeline. For the animation part of the process, the rest of the group drew individual images to show the change from ‘scribble’ to sheep. As a group we had decided that we could manage with 6 frames-per-second at least for the rough version of our ident.

Although we have not fully finished the rough film, we realised that 30 seconds was used up by our timeline a lot quicker than we thought. Without having completed even a single ‘flip card idea’ from the bullet points above, we had already used up about 16 seconds of our 30. We are going to have to shorten our piece once again in order to simplify the piece and fit it into the designated length limit. I feel that creating the video has been a worthwhile task that we set ourselves – we have been able to see both what works and what doesn’t work from the rough mockup and now know what we need to do from here in order to progress and develop our ident further. We hope to have a better mocked up idea ready for our pitch with our client’s next Wednesday.



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