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Today we were able to start the actual designing of our journal.

To begin with, I hand drew the title onto our prototypes and we then began adding the text into the correct places on Indesign – the process was quite complicated as only sections of the typography was meant to show on each page in order for it to turn out how we imagined and wanted it to. Before we started adding more content, there were still a few things to add and change beforehand. We realised that the layout of the pages on our Indesign template did no quite work so we had to add in a few more pages where needed them – we added these pages into our very rough prototype too in order to get a better visual idea, and also numbered the pages accordingly to the pages on our Indesign document to help see where everything would appear both on paper and on screen.


On our second prototype, I neatly wrote out the title Graphic Communication onto the booklet in the correct position and so it fitted correctly across the pages as they opened. We also colour coordinated the pages both in the prototype booklet itself and on the Indesign document, again to make it more easy to visualise and see what goes where between the two.

After finally thinking we had some of the contents, mainly the title, laid out in the correct places, we printed the booklet to see how it looked printed. Unfortunately, the outcome was not at all how we had hoped it would be:

All of the sizes seem to be muddled up and don’t fit together as they should do, whatsoever. Eventually, we realised that the problem lies within the page sizes in the Indesign document. When we first attempted to print the journal, the printer automatically began printing onto A3 pieces of paper which we hurriedly cancelled as we knew that the booklet was meant to be no bigger than A5, so couldn’t understand why it was printing on A3. On the second printing attempt, we adjusted the printer settings to print onto A4 – not realising that this would in fact cause the problem we ended up being faced with. This is obviously something we will have to look at and fix when we next before moving any further.


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Amber Lloyd

Graphic Communicator

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