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After being given the choice to work either individually or as a small team, I have chosen to work in a small group of three designers for this part of the project. I feel that working as a team will allow us to work on something bigger than if we were working individually – this will hopefully result in our final outcome as a team to be much better too. We have been assigned the task of creating and working from our own briefs to decide on the purpose and content of our journal. For our journal, we have decided to create an induction day booklet specifically for students interested in taking the Graphic Communication course here at Cardiff Metropolitan. After speaking to Ray about our idea, he thought it was a great idea and actually admitted that although some other courses within CSAD have similar booklets for their own study, there is not currently an existing booklet for Graphic Communication. It would be amazing if our completed journal could actually be used by the course, for example on open days, to be handed out to potential Graphic Communication students to promote Cardiff Metropolitan.

After doing some research into existing journals, we felt that we wanted to be quite experimental with our creation and may explore using different page sizes within the booklet and, cutting and folding in unusual ways. We would also love to hand-bind the journal by sewing them, however, if we are going to create the journals in mass (like we would have to in the case of an open day for example), the process of hand-binding each booklet individually may become too much of a time consuming process.

After deciding what we wanted to do for our journal, we began creating initial ideas by testing out a few different layouts just by using paper. From the photos below, our favourite test was the version positioned on the far right which we decided to develop further and use.

I made up a very rough paper mockup of the piece – I find that having a physical prototype like this is really useful in any situation or project that I may be set. We measured each page of the prototype and created the digital layout on Indesign, which we then printed so we would have a neater prototype to work from – this also proved to us that our sizing on Indesign seemed to be correct.


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Amber Lloyd

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