S4C Initial Ideas

From the original briefing that S4C had given us, we knew that they wanted something clearly Welsh, as this is what St. David’s day celebrates, but not something too obvious and perhaps cliché.

We began last week, by researching into what it means to be Welsh and what St. David’s day is all about. After making plenty of notes on the special Welsh celebration, we went home to plan ideas. I came up with a few simple ideas using typical Welsh symbols such as daffodils and sheep.

By our second meeting, which was today, we each showed our range of ideas and then picked out the idea we all liked best and we were happy to run with. The idea in abstract is that a patient visits a psychiatrist/councelor to talk about some unusual symptoms he has been having, such as craving welsh cakes, growing a dragon’s tail and wearing the traditional Welsh costume.

In order to help visual our idea and develop it further, I created a storyboard: I based it on everything that Wales is known for. It includes a variety of images from daffodils and leeks, to welsh-cakes and even singer, Tom Jones makes an appearance.


Our next step is to create some actual storyboards to show the rough plot of our motion piece – this will hopefully help us visualise it more clearly.


Published by

Amber Lloyd

Graphic Communicator

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