S4C Brief

Today we got briefed on our next project as part of the BrandWorld module.

We had two guests in the Graphics Studio this morning, from Welsh television channel, S4C. They are going to be working us over the next coming weeks as a local media company, who are providing us with a brief for a live project. Their project for us involves, as a member of a small team, we are expected to create screen based motion graphic outcomes to brand and promote one of their upcoming events. This part of the module is called BrandWorld:Narrative.

This project immediately excites me and I think it’s going to be something extremely useful, particularly because we are working on a live project – it feels much more ‘real world’, particularly as we are working for real life clients from a real company, and eventually, our outcomes of the project may be the chosen creations to be broadcasted across the country to their viewers on S4C’s channel.


The Brief

Who are S4C?

In their brief, S4C describe there themselves in their background information as a public broadcaster, formed in 1982, which transmit a wide range of programmes on numerous different platforms, from current affairs to soaps – including: sports, entertainment, childrens’ TV (Cyw), agriculture and religion. They claim that their absolute vision is, “to be a central part of the lives of the people of Wales everywhere.”

What are their brand values?

S4C’s overall mission is “to be inventive and innovative in creating, broadcasting and distributing entertainment and information in Welsh, that inspires and captures the imagination.”

They have four key brand values on top of this, which are:

  • first and foremost, to be Welsh
  • to be creative
  • to keep the audience central to everything we do
  • to be available to everyone

Who are their target audience?

  • Slightly older than the average TV viewers
  • Most popular locations: North and West Wales
  • As wide as possible – don’t exclude any demographic
  • Mainly Welsh speakers living in Wales (but many outside of Wales too)

What do they want?

S4C want us to create them a branding for all their platforms to be broadcasted on 1st March 2017, St. David’s day (the patron saint of Wales).

Of the final motion outcomes, they would like a positive and uplifting feel to it with subtle patriotism. The final piece would also need to work as both video and stills, across all sorts of platforms, including: TV, Web and Social Media. They are looking for flexibility and adaptability, but fixed with consistency throughout.

The total deliverables include:

  • Idents
  • Break bumpers
  • Tops and tails for promos
  • Visuals for presentation items
  • Print and social media


Ident: an ident is simply, a short sequence shown on television between programmes to identify the channel.

The ident needs to be able to be used as a device for the announcer to speak over, so should give the viewer a quick and clear sign of what channel they’re watching. It needs to be visually interesting while giving of the brand’s personality.

S4C would like two versions of the ident: one 30 second version and one 10-15 second version.

Break Bumper

Break bumper: a break bumper is a brief announcement which is placed between a pause in the program and its commercial break. For example, a bumper may contain a warning about swearing or violence, or a programme might be introduced as a tribute to someone who has recently died.

S4C use mute break bumpers; they have no audio. They require bumpers of three different durations: 2 secs, 3 secs and 5 secs.

After being given the brief by S4C, we were put into our groups and sent to do some research and discuss what had been spoken about so far. In my group, we started by looking into S4C themselves, such as their website and their social media pages – we even watched some of their programmes in order to be able to see the current idents and break bumpers for example, being used. We also looked into Saint Davids Day and Wales in general as well – we looked into what it means to be welsh, as this is what St Davids day celebrates.

In my group:

  • George Goldsmith
  • Greta Abelyte
  • Tom Greenwood
  • Yanni Hwang
  • and myself, of course, Amber Lloyd

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Amber Lloyd

Graphic Communicator

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