Branding – Touch Points Tutorial

Today we had our final group tutorial for this part of the BrandWorld module – we were asked to bring in 5 created touchpoints to present to our group and tutor, who then gave constructive feedback on our work so that we could improve it in our own time, for the final deadline on 9th December 2016. See below my five touchpoints.

The website:

Business card:


Compliment slip:

compliment slip



Delivery van:


For this tutorial, I was in a group with Matt Bonaccorsi as the tutor. The first thing he noticed was that I hadn’t stuck to my original idea of using purple as the key colour in my colour scheme, but he agreed that the new colours worked better and were suitable to the company. He liked how I’d used the main image from the website and carried it through all of the touchpoints as green grass in order to keep consistency, however he also said that perhaps the grass detail may not actually be needed, and that a block green colour could work just as well, if not better – this is something I will test out before the final deadline on 9th December.

In regards to the website, I need to look at the menu bar and make it more legible against the background image. I had thought that perhaps it would be okay, because in real-time usage, the words would change colour slightly when hovered over to a more legible colour such as grey, but after Matt pointed out that the average viewer would only stay on a webpage for approximately 10-20 seconds, I did not want to give any excuse for them to click off of the website, such as in this case, illegible navigation options at first glance.

The group really liked my running geometric horses which were inspired by Eadweard Muybridge, particularly on the back of the business cards.

Matt suggested trying all sans-serif typefaces rather than using the serif in some areas – he wasn’t quite sure if it worked or not, so this is definitely something I need to try. It was said that it works on the compliment slip where it says, “with compliments”, as this is fitting to a handwritten style of text, however it maybe doesn’t work so well on the address and other contact details.


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