Market Research

This weekend I travelled home to the countryside of Mid-Wales. In order to make sure I complete the brief to the highest quality standard that I can in the short time we have been designated, I am keen to make sure that no chance is left untaken, so I took the opportunity to visit the huge country store just down the road from my rural hometown, Coed-y-Dinas. They have a large designated equestrian section in the store, which I made sure to take full advantage of in order to carry out market research. I was able to see the sort of things that equestrian retail stores were selling, and was amazed at the endless range of horse-related products they had available. If I said to you right now, “Think of anything at all that a horse or horse-rider might need” – they had it. Saddles, blankets, bridles, whips, food, medicines, brushes, shovels, rider fashion wear, boots, helmets… everything.

Carrying out this market research has helped me a lot. I feel that I now know even more so the kind of products Young Stallion have and therefore the kind of products that I will be branding packaging for. It is always important to keep an eye on your competitors and I believe that by carrying out this primary research for myself, I will now be able to directly target the clear interests of the target audience, as I’ve seen what sells off the shop shelves and who the buyers are.


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