First Group Tutorial

Yesterday I had my first group tutorial, with Matt Bonaccorsi.

From speaking to the other students in my group and Matt, it was really helpful seeing other people’s starting of their own project – it made me realise how far I could stretch mine to make it more exciting and innovating.

Feedback on my ideas so far were all positive, particularly the use of the colour purple. There was one concept of the logo that Matt pointed out as not quite working – he noticed that the geometric style, did not correspond with the ‘old-style’ banner. I am going to look into this and test out a few new ideas, using either one or the other. I still would like to stick with the geometric style as I feel as if that gives the brand quite a unique twist as it is not used in this area of the market at all, as far as I can see.

During the tutorial, one of my peers pointed out that the geometric horse appeared very much like a constellation of stars. Since then I have done some research into this thought and found that there does actually exist not just one, but two constellations in the form of horses, known as Pegasus and Equuleus, the latter meaning ‘little horse,’ foal, in Latin. Equuleus is the second smallest constellation in the whole of the night sky, where as Pegasus is one of the largest – both were discovered in the 2nd century by the same Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, and both are positioned directly next to each other. In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a white winged horse that sprang from the neck of the Gorgon Medusa when Perseus beheaded her. I feel that this could work as a good link between using the geometric style for the horse retailer’s branding – I may have to speak to my client about possibly changing the old-style script writing to something more geometric instead in order to keep consistency.


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