The Client Side

In order to begin creating my company, I began by doing research into already existing cocktail bars and noticed that a lot of them, particularly those in big city locations across the world, such as in London, had a very modern, elegant and classic style, with lots of expensive colours like gold and red – they were all extremely glamourous. I don’t particularly want to stick to these typical cocktail bars, so have instead decided on a completely different concept. I have decided that my service will be a mobile cocktail bar. Although there are some existing competitors, for example, my main three competitors located in the UK would most likely be, Beetle Juice Cocktail Bar, The Cocktail Caravan and Mambos Cocktail Bar, which are all mobile cocktail bars. With these being my main competitors, I feel that there is still a large gap in this particular market for another bar to develop. Saying that, I still want to make sure that there is something that differentiates my brand from the others – which is of course what every brand desires.

Although it is clear to see that there are a few small brands that have mobile bars setup, particularly around the UK, I believe that there is still a clear gap in the market here, especially as the area seems to be growing, is popular among consumers and is becoming quite ‘cool’ and fashionable. After doing some research into what my competitors styles are, I have decided that adding a vintage, shabby-chic twist on the brand should work to give it that alternative feel to the other existing mobile bars. On top of this, perhaps another difference my company and brand could have is that they are looking to expand to across Europe, whereas the majority, if not all, of mobile cocktail bars in the UK, are purely UK-based.

Naming my brand

In order to name my brand well and suitably, I used the types of brand names that we looked at in our lecture with Ian the other day, to brainstorm and look at a range of ideas and then pick the best from there. I knew that I wanted something reasonably short and catchy to make sure it sticks in peoples’ heads – so with that in mind, off I went.

Through research, I found that the first ever recorded use of the word ‘cocktail‘ was found in The Morning Post and Gazetteer in London, England, March 20, 1798:

Mr. Pitt,

two petit vers of “L’huile de Venus”

Ditto, one of “perfeit amour”

Ditto, “cock-tail”

From this, I picked out two possibilities for the name of my mobile cocktail bar: Ditto or Mr. Pitt’s.

Next I looked into a variety of Latin meaning and found two more possible names that I could use:

Bibo” or “Abbibo“, both meaning “to drink” in Latin.

Another option would be to simply give it a descriptive name of,  Martinis.


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Amber Lloyd

Graphic Communicator

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