Improved Type Specimen Poster

After receiving the feedback on my type specimen poster, I have gone back through it and made some changes accordingly. There wasn’t an awful lot to be changed, however, the main feedback I received was that the three paragraphs were difficult to read, particularly over the ‘a’. To amend this I adjusted the colour of the text by putting it up to 80% grey rather than 60%. I also completely removed the black-grey ‘a’, leaving the fainter one below – I felt this improved the piece greatly – it both made the text easier and clearer to read, and also opened up the whole piece more creating better pace and a good amount of whiter space.

Another suggestion that I had been given was for the alphabet that I had positioned horizontally down the right hand side of my specimen – it was suggested that I put them vertically. I simply tried this and immediately decided that it looked better vertically.

I rearranged a few other parts of the poster too, including the glyths positioned in the tail of the ‘g’, and moved around some of the smaller blocks of text just to improve the overall look of the piece.

Click here to view (in PDF form) my new and improved Caslon Pro type specimen poster.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 18.13.05.png

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and am happy with the final outcome of my type specimen poster. I feel that I was experimental with it, particularly with the larger letters, but have not overdone it. I am happy with the way the ‘g’ is the main feature of the poster and that even with the large, fainter letterforms down the right of the poster, there still feels as if there is white space in those areas and the piece is not over-cluttered.

Caslon is a good font for body text. It is used quite a lot in magazines, journals, books or as a corporate typeface. ‘The Descendants’ is the title of a movie which uses a version of Caslon Pro in their logo. Another movie that uses Caslon Pro is, ‘Les Misérables’.

The letters, ‘a’, ‘g’, ‘m’, ‘w’ and ‘Q’, are probably the most recognisable individual letterforms of Caslon Pro – each has typical features of the typeface, usually noticeable by the serif. For example, the tail on the ‘Q’ is quite a distinct. Caslon is also known for its readability, affability, and authority. For these reason, I tried to use these letters in particular in my type specimen poster, in order to show off the typeface to at its best. Caslon Pro is actually quite similar to Baskerville, with some small differences – basically, it’s the sexy version.

I am particularly happy with how I made the text in the first and third paragraph curve nicely to align itself around the ‘g’ – I did this by adding anchor points and  adjusting them to position the text. I feel that it works well, especially as they are justified on the sides, without having any ugly rivers, orphans or widows.

I am happy with the hierarchy of my poster and feel that the viewer’s eye is lead around the piece well, starting with the title and the ‘g’, then the alphabet positioned vertically down the right side of the page, then onto the paragraphs. The larger letterforms in the background are not too in your face and add just the right amount of interest, meaning they are noticed but are not distracting.


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