Improved Animation

When we were originally set the animation project, I struggled with the time limits and didn’t manage to complete the animation that I had first set out to. At the time, I wanted to find the time to finish my animation and have finally got round to. Although I had first wanted the animation to be of the whole Incy Wincy Spider nursery rhyme, I realised that this would make a much too long animation, especially as the original brief stated approximately 30 seconds. The new and improved animation that I have made is about 50 seconds long and I am much happier with it than my old one. Even though it seems quite a  simple idea, it took me a long time to make, especially as I decided to make it by hand instead of using iStopMotion. I wanted it to have an almost ‘rough’ handmade look and feel to it and I think that I have achieved this well by editing each image individually on Photoshop – I put all 500 of the images into MovieMaker and the final outcome all started to come together. For the sound, I layered up several different audio tracks to pull the final animation together – in the background, you can just make out a sketching sound effect as if you can hear the spider character being drawn, then at the end there is a tapping sound as he runs away. Over these tracks, I added music, while making sure that you can still here the other sound effects beneath.

My final new and improved animation:


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Amber Lloyd

Graphic Communicator

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