Improved Image Piece

As stated in my previous blog post on my image project final piece, there were a few minor changes that I wanted to make to improve the piece overall.

I decided to remake the entire piece in Illustrator rather than Photoshop to ensure that the piece was not pixelated at all – I used still used Photoshop to layer the eye and the map images, but then recreated the hand-drawn illustrations on Illustrator. In the beginning of the year when we first began this project, I was unfamiliar with Adobe Illustrator and had not used it much, however, my confidence on it has grown hugely since then and I knew that by using it for the silhouette and baby outline it would avoid any pixelation that occurred when I did the project back in the beginning of the academic year.

As mentioned in my previous blog post on the project, I wanted to simplify the silhouette. To do this, I removed the unnecessary outline it had and feel that it looks better without it, because you can still tell exactly what it is without it. I also adjusted the opacity slightly so that it was more hidden. The second change I wanted to make was to make the baby outline bolder in order to make it more visible. I have done this only very slightly by adjusting the stroke by about 1pt. Now you can see the baby on looking closely at the piece – it is just what I originally wanted: you have to look closely, but it’s not so faint that you are unable to see it at all.

On top of these minor changes, I also experimented a bit more with the filters on Photoshop before transferring it into Illustrator. I adjusted the vibrancy of the eye, making the colour, particularly the blue-green in the iris pop out, enhancing it greatly. I also played around with the contrast, to get the bright and beautiful colours that the finished piece now has. To get the effect of the map layered over the eye like I have, I used ‘colour burn’, which is one of my favourite effects on Photoshop and it worked perfectly in this situation.



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