Second Group Tutorial

This morning, we had group tutorials with our peers only. I found it helpful because we were able to look at each other’s work and give feedback as well as receive feedback ourselves.

Since my tutorial on Tuesday with David, I had developed my editorial quite a bit. I had added the suggestion that David gave about the attaching ‘core memories’ to the scrambles. I researched and then wrote a list of key memories that I feel personally are important in our lives and also took moments in the woman’s life out of the article, then I picked out the best ones from it. Doing this added emotion to the piece, particularly as some of the moments and memories that I have used are rather emotive. I think the list is effective because when readers actually look closer and begin to read what the points say, it may spur happy or sad memories in their own mind. My list included:

  • first day at school
  • first best friend
  • first kiss
  • proposal
  • wedding day
  • first pet
  • graduation
  • family holiday
  • yearbook photographs
  • mugged by thugs
  • learning to drive
  • the ‘sex talk’ from Mum and Dad
  • experiencing disappointment
  • falling in love
  • doing something spontaneous
  • birth of child
  • accomplishing something that you didn’t think you could
  • last Christmas

As well as completing this illustration, I also drew up an illustration for the last page which I had not previously decided on. I used the memories idea and had lines escaping out of a human head, representing the memories. I then linked the imagery with the text on the opposite page to make the whole piece consistent – this worked so well that I added it onto the previous spread as well, so that lines were coming from the brain illustration I had done. The group seemed to like how I had used the lines and dots/points to metaphorically represent memories and key moments in a being’s life.

Click here to view my developed editorial piece that I presented at the group tutorial this morning.


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