Editorial Project Begins – Brief and First Group Tutorial

We got briefed on what our new project was going to be – we are to create 3 double page spreads which will then be our final exhibition piece displayed in at the end of the academic year as well. Over the last week or so, I have been working on the initial ideas of mine.

To begin with, David sent us a range of different articles to chose from which we will then create our editorial around. The articles included tops such as: Donald Trump, ‘free-range’ eggs, climate change, and more. I chose an article that was about a woman who has no memories. In our group tutorials yesterday, I talked about one of the areas in the article that I found most interesting, which was the fact, she didn’t have amnesia as most would automatically assume; she had never forgotten her memories as she never had any to begin with – her whole life was just a blank space in her mind to her. By the end of the article, it was speaking of the woman’s memory issues as  being a positive thing, as it did not seem to effect her negatively in any way – she just seemed like a perfectly normal human being to anyone who met her unless you actually knew different.

In the tutorial, I also showed some sketches for imagery ideas that I had come up with, as well as some layout thumbnails that I had drawn up in my sketch book.

I also had mocked up a main layout idea on Adobe InDesign that I had created in order to get me started. Obviously, there was still a lot to be changed and worked on, but I feel that this is laying out a good path for me to now move down as I know what direction I want to head in with my editorial piece now.

Click here to see my full initial layout for the piece that I presented at the group tutorial yesterday.


Both David and my peers gave me really helpful feedback and critique, which I have taken in and am now going to work on. During the tutorials, I noticed that the majority of people are planning on using photography, whereas I have chosen to do hand-drawn illustrations instead – this may be something that I need to change further down the line if I find it too difficult – I don’t feel that I am the strongest artist when it comes to drawing. In my sketchbook (as seen in the images above), you can see feedback noted in blue pen.

The feedback on the colour scheme was nothing but positive – everyone loved the use of just orange, and then black and white. It was clear that my font point-size was too big for the body text.

For my imagery, David recommended that I develop the ideas of the scrambles which represent the woman’s memories – he liked this idea best and thought it had the most potential. He suggested that I attach points/dots to the scrambles, almost as if they were core memories, and then even attach text to these dots. I really liked this idea that he gave me and plan on working on this.

My peers also said they really like the brain illustration, which is actually the one I am more unsure of. The chunk which has been bitten or removed from the brain is where the memory section of the human brain is situated, so obviously, it represents the woman in the article not having any memories.


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