1 Day Editorial Project

Yesterday, after giving our creative thinking presentations, we worked in small groups of 4 to create 4 double page spreads in 1 day. We were each given a random topic and then off we went – our topic was the Aurora Borealis. I actually had no idea what this was until we Googled it and discovered that it was actually just another name for the Northern Lights.

We decided that we would work on all four spreads together rather than working on one spread each – this way we could ensure that they were all perfectly consistent throughout. We also decided on a slightly different topic for each of the four spreads and then each researched one, while one member of the group gathered together imagery and edited them. As we were printing in black and white onto coloured paper, any ‘white’ would show up as the coloured paper underneath – we chose a pale pastel purple as our colour.

Below is the final outcome of our 4 double spreads:

We had really positive feedback from our editorial piece. Everyone liked how we had set out the first page so simply, but the beautiful imagery on it’s own was enough. David also said that the spreads were all consistent which was really good to hear as this is what we had really tried to focus on and get right – he said the boxes around the titles throughout the spreads helped with the consistency and to pull the whole piece together. I feel that our overall piece was really successful and a professional piece of editorial


Published by

Amber Lloyd

Graphic Communicator

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