Creative Thinking Task

This week we’ve been looking at different creative thinking techniques. On our first day back after Easter, on Tuesday, Ian put us into groups of four or five and we were each group was given a different technique to go away, research and then create a presentation on to present on Friday. Just some of the creative thinking techniques handed out, included:

  • The lotus flower
  • Attribute listing
  • The reframing matrix
  • Metaphorical thinking
  • The random word technique
  • Lateral thinking
  • Image association

My group was given the ‘metaphorical thinking’ technique. Metaphorical thinking is simply using a metaphor to help you associate things with others. For example, in our presentation that we gave this morning, we used the example, imagine that you are struggling to understand your Biology lesson on arteries, so you find a comparison to help you remember what you learnt. In this case, you could use the way that they look sort of like a road or traffic system (see image below).

metaphor - arteries&map.jpg

Personally, I often use this technique myself, particularly with helping me to remember important things, and find that it helps me a lot. Another technique that I really liked the look of when groups presented them this morning was the lotus flower technique and I plan on using this method in my work at some point in the future.

Although we got positive feedback on our presentation when we gave it, I was a bit disappointed with my group as only two of us out of the four turned up, so I feel that the presentation wasn’t as good as it could’ve been if everyone had been there.


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