First Things First Type Workshop

After being given the First Things First manifestos to read over the weekend, today we had a type workshop with David. We were given the task over the weekend to collect quotes about what the future of Graphic Design held, either from the manifestos or from our own research. I collected a range of quotes, including:

  • New heights of sophistication
  • We’re no longer graphic designers, we’re problem solvers
  • Out with the print, in with the digital
  • The walls of design will crumble
  • Design can’t die / Design can never be taken from us
  • Collapsing boundaries, widening horizons
  • Permission to play outside the sandbox
  • Brains meld for a cross-platform of design
  • Digital and industrial merge
  • The rise of the self-educated designer

We started by taking a quote from Steven Fry, and listening to how he spoke it, over and over again, until we picked up on the actual way he said it. The quote was, “So famous just for the way he dressed.” For example, when listening to him say it, you can hear how “for the way” is spoken very fast, almost as if one word, and the way he says “so”, is louder than the other words. By listening to how each word was said, I created typographic posters accordingly.

We then moved on to using our own quotes that we had brought in. To get mine right, I repeated mine out loud, in order to get the emphasis on certain words, etc, correct. I don’t like how the, “new heights of sophistication” poster turned out – I didn’t use the space correctly – if I were to have another attempt at this one, I would perhaps stretch out the word ‘heights’ even more and position the word ‘of’, under ‘new’. However, I do like the “the walls of design will crumble” poster, although I could have been a it more experimental with the lettering – I feel that it is all too, just block. I might use this quote for my overall picture-text poster due in at the end of this term.

During the workshop, I really enjoyed being able to pick up a paintbrush and use ink – I love the hands on and messy approach, especially as a lot of our work as Graphic Designers is digital based.



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