First Things First Image Workshop

We were given the task to collect 3 images of objects and 3 images of hands, today we had an image workshop with Ray. We were working on Adobe Photoshop and practiced a range of techniques, some of which were new to me. For example, the save/load selection tool is new to me and I used it a lot during the workshop and think I’ll find it really useful for other projects too.

In the workshop, I ended up using only the photographs of hands that I had brought with me, as I felt they worked really well in the pieces I made, and my other photos weren’t as usable. These are the photos I used:

Some of the techniques that we tried and used, include:

  • isolating the background
  • saving selections, then loading at another time when needed
  • using the magic wand tool (adjusting tolerance box)
  • inverting the image/ inverting particular parts of the image
  • creating new layers with various sections – overlapping layers, then changing effect on each (by changing the drop-down box from ‘normal’ at the top of the layers palette)
  • changing the opacity of layers
  • using strong, contrasting colours/ using harmonious colours
  • making a duotone (by changing to greyscale, then changing to duotone)
  • introducing a formal element, e.g. geometric forms

I created three variations from my images and the different techniques we were taught:


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