Mixed CSAD Group Projects – Week 2

Yesterday we finished our group project which we started last week, with the showing of our presentation that we made over the weekend.

Unfortunately, of what started out as a group of 8, a lot of the group members didn’t show up to our meetings and presentation too and also didn’t contribute any work to the project.

Personally, I found this rather annoying as I had suffered similarly with people dropping out and falling out in the previous group project that we did in graphics. Obviously, the lesson one has to take from this is that you can’t rely on people sometimes.

Due to our sudden lack of group members, it was left across the weekend and Monday to only three of us to do most, if not all, of the work, as well as complete the project. Even with this being the case, we still managed to complete the campaign to a reasonable standard. Emily and I worked hard on creating a poster which could be used as both a hand-out pamphlet and a large billboard poster, another member of the group created a mini game and another poster too. Then finally, I created the final presentation with everything on it, which we showed yesterday in front of the class.

The billboard / pamphlet:

bus stop billboard

We decided that we would take a game that was usually played on a screen and electronic device, and then take it outdoors – we chose to begin with the popular app, Angry Birds, and create a 3D version. The billboard poster / handout pamphlet explains a simple do-it-yourself version of the game which anyone can play. The poster explains the rules including, an introduction, how to play, equipment needed and how to win. We hope that the game will be seen as an easy-to-set-up and fun way of getting your children into the outside world.

The mini game and poster:

This poster was a simple but hopefully effective way of encouraging parents to get their children outdoors. We decided to make a fun game to go alongside it, perhaps on the back of the poster, so it was interactive and prevented the product to be simply thrown away as if it were just junk.

The presentation:

Click here to view the presentation that we showed.

Overall I think the final presentation that we gave at the end of the project was very successful. Our presentation summed up what our group was about and what our aims were. We each took it in turns to speak, ensuring that everyone there took part and had a role to do – I feel that we gave across our idea in a strong and informative way, as well as taking questions from the lecturers and class, and answering them well and with confidence. We got a lot of positive feedback on our ideas, and they loved how we’d done the simple thing of editing the poster onto a bus shelter billboard, just as a way of showing how it could be used and would look like in the real environment. They also liked how the campaign had a lot of potential to be extended, as we included the point that we could stretch to any number of games, such as lawn twister or outdoor ten-pin bowling.

Although the final outcome was good, too much of the work was left to only myself and a couple of our group’s members. Due to this, I didn’t really enjoy field that much because I felt that although it was meant to be a group project, it felt quite individual. I’m looking forward to starting to work individually again, because obviously you can count on yourself to get what you want and what is needed to be done, done.


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