Damaged Earth Campaign – The Final Week and Submission

At the beginning of this week, we presented our ideas so far to the class, David and Ray. We presented all of our ideas that we had finished developing at the end of last week, as well as some new ideas.

The logo:

In the presentation, although we had decided against the removing of the image in the logo, it was mentioned again, this time by both Ray and David, that it would look best as just a text-only logo. At this point, we decided that it was best we changed the logo. In the final outcome, it is clear to see that it is indeed much better as just text alone.

As Ray had suggested, I created new poster and billboard designs over the weekend, so we presented these during the presentation too.

The new posters and billboard:

We each took photos of ourselves to represent members of the general public, showing that literally anyone can do their part and make a difference. I chose to put the photos in black and white and then use the colour green to make certain words stand out over everything else – in each poster, it is the ‘promise’ and then the keyword for each individual promise that are the two most important. By adding ‘what’s your promise?’, it aims it directly at the viewer, making them think about creating their own promise and thus hopefully doing their part to save the planet too. Also, I simplified the logo by turning into an outline rather than a bold image, as it looks much more effective.

Unfortunately, in the presentation, David and Ray felt that these posters seemed almost forced and unnatural – a bit too ‘cheesey’ – so we decided to change them up again.

By the end of the week, I had created the final poster designs and the whole group was much happier with them.

The final posters and billboards:

The concept behind these new posters was that, members of the public would simply take a Snapchat selfie with a caption, of them doing their part, and would then be able to send it to us or upload it onto the website to be included on our online community gallery, which would then show everybody doing their little bit. This would create a sense of community and belonging, as well as encourage others to join in with the interactivity too. As you can see, we also used our new slogan, “It starts with you!”

The video:

This was the final outcome of the video. The video opens with a great speech by hugely known actor, Leonardo Dicaprio, on our current ‘climate crisis,’ informing the public that they must make a change. It then displays real and recent newspaper clipping showing our damaged Earth, with voiceovers describing the terrible situations. The video then makes a positive u-turn and starts showing ways in which we can help save the planet, showing that it doesn’t have to be that negative way – we can make a difference! The video then ends on the quote by Gandhi, re-enforcing the message we’re trying to push.

The website:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We developed the website design which we chose as our favourite, and we were all really pleased with the outcomes. I feel it has a very professional feel without being over crowded. I feel that a main error of many websites is too much text, as it puts the viewer off seeing so much reading to do. We have considered this when making our website and I feel have a sensible balance between imagery and text.

The pamphlet:


We completely remade the pamphlet from scratch, as the feedback we got int he presentation suggested that it wasn’t quite right, which is what we had agreed beforehand anyway. Unfortunately, the research that we had previously researched, collected and decided on have been changed due to miscommunication with one of the group’s members, so some of the information currently on the pamphlet I feel isn’t quite relevant to what we were trying to voice through our campaign. However, the aesthetics are vastly improved and we are overall much more pleased with the look of the new pamphlet. As you can see, the text-only logo looks much better – it definitely improves it.

Yesterday was the submission date for our group campaign, and we managed to finish it and send it off to Ray and David just in time before the 4pm deadline!

Click here to view our final PDF submission.


My feelings on the project:

I really enjoyed my individual area of the group campaign of the making of the billboard and posters – I feel that my ideas developed and improved with every new piece I made, so I enjoyed seeing the progress from each one to the next. The final outcome was very different to where I began, but the idea behind it is much more thought out and I love the interactivity of the piece, allowing members of the public to get involved, thus pushing and promoting our campaign.

However, I do feel as if we could have worked more as a group from the beginning rather than setting everyone completely separate and individual tasks, because this is what lead to some of the pieces not being consistent with each other and some things looking mismatched. I believe that if we were to have all sat down and worked on each task together as a group, we would have been much more successful. For example, I feel that the playing cards did not fit in with everything else we have created as we did not create them as a group, hence the colours ended up not being right with the scheme would had used throughout the rest of the campaign and the cards stood out as a little bit of a sore thumb.

Unfortunately, halfway through the project, we lost two of our group members, due to one leaving university, and another falling out with the group. It made for quite an unpleasant experience and everyone was feeling awkward and uneasy for quite some time. I feel a little bit as if I carried the group through, which other members of the group recognised and mentioned to me – I was finding myself playing ‘peacekeeper’ and trying to prevent any further arguments from escalating. Particularly towards the end of the project, I felt I was putting in more work than others – for example, I put together the entire PDF myself, including typing up the majority of the text that went it. It reached the point where I was becoming a little bit annoyed with my group members, who at this point, the only task they had was to send me their finished work so that I could put it on the PDF, and they were struggling to do that alone – due to this, I only managed to submit the final campaign at about quarter to 4 – which is cutting the deadline a little too short for my liking. I personally feel as if I was held back slightly during the task during the period of the arguments. Because of this we found it difficult to properly come together until the last week, during which, the majority of our group members remaining, came in to uni every day in order to get everything 100% completed and consistent to the best of our abilities, even with the previous unfortunate events.



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