Damaged Earth Campaign – Week 3

This week, we made changes to our designs and developed digital designs for a better visual of what things would look like.

The logo:

logo1 - damaged earth

We completely changed the logo and redesigned a new, simpler one and started using it throughout the campaign on all our platforms, such as on the billboard, the pamphlet and the video. In the logo, it shows the difference between the natural green environment beneath, the the urban, industrial environment on top, separated by what is supposed to be seen as a mass of pollution. To this image, we added some expressive typography of the words, ‘Damaged Earth’. In our tutorial this week, which was this time with Ray instead of Ian, Ray suggested that the logo may work better as just the text alone, as he felt the image wasn’t adding anything to it that just the text itself wasn’t saying already.

The billboard:

Following Ian’s advice in the tutorial last week, I also completely redesigned the billboard, and was really happy with the outcome – I feel that it is much more advanced than my initial design ideas.


The image on the left is meant to represent what our world is like today – dull and full of industrialisation and pollution, whereas the image on the right shows the purity of what lies beneath. Overall, the piece suggests that we need to tear away to get back to what is underneath. Again, after the advice received from Ian last week, we changed our slogan to something slightly different, however we were still unsatisfied with it, so this will not be the slogan we  use in our final piece; instead, we plan it change it to, “It starts with you!” which was discussed in our tutorial this week, with Ray.

Ray suggested that we create a different poster design, almost like a certificate-like piece, on which someone would fill out their name and make their promise to do their little part to save our planet – I plan on working on these over the weekend.

Note to self: The tear down the middle of the page is really interesting – it was the first time I’ve tried it and it worked really well. Perhaps you could use it in another project, particularly if this billboard idea is not used in the final presentation of the complete campaign.

The pamphlet:

pamphlet original

We felt that the pamphlet that was created was not quite right for what we needed – it didn’t fit in with the rest of the campaign and the colours weren’t quite right. Although the research and information that had been collected and used was all great, we just knew it wasn’t quite what we wanted aesthetics-wise. For this reason, we as a group decided that we would redesign the pamphlet.

The website:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the end of the week, we had three potential designs for the website.

The playing cards:

The designs for the playing cards were starting to come along nicely, although they were showing to be quite a time consuming process for the member of our group who was working on them. Hopefully he will have some digital designs by next week, as he is currently working on coloured pencil/pen sketches.

The video:

Both the storyboard and the video are made, however there are still a few changes to the video that we want to make. For example, the video is currently all quite negative, with only ways in which we are destroying our planet – we needed to end the video on a positive message so people felt encouraged that they could make a difference if they just did their part. I also suggested that rather than still images at the end of the video, we used short clips of people doing their to help out – over the weekend, I plan to collect snippets of videos that we could use in the video.


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