Damaged Earth Campaign – Week 2

For the second week into our campaigns, we had our first group tutorial with Ian on Monday to show him what we had done so far.

We explained our ideas to him and showed him our initial designs that we had been working on over the weekend. Below our some of the ideas and designs that we showed:

Thoughts on:

The logo designs – Some of the logos seemed like they might be too complicated due to detail, and Ian and the group thought that when it comes to shrinking the logo down and putting them on posters, the detail would be lost and therefore wasn’t really necessary – we needed something much more basic which would immediately tell what our campaign stood for.

The slogan  Ian thought that the slogan might be a little too long and that we could do with something shorter and more catchy; something simple and effective like “Every little helps” (Tesco) – perhaps something along the lines of the text I had put on my billboard design, saying “This isn’t right.” We also wanted to use, in some parts of the campaign, the Gandhi quote, “You must be the change that you wish to see in the world,” as we felt that it was very relevant to our cause and obviously, Gandhi is an extremely well known and respected role model so could work well as perhaps a figurehead.

The billboard/poster designs – Ian liked the juxtaposition that I had used to make a clear point that there was something clearly wrong in the images portrayed, particularly in the design in which there is a polar bear in the desert, when obviously a polar bear belongs in the Antarctic. He helped me to take this juxtaposition and create a new idea that may work even better – I plan to work on this over this weekend, and have it ready to present at my next tutorial. I want to show ‘how our planet is today’, in contrast to ‘what it should be / what it used to be’.

Other – Ian was pleased that we had agreed on the overall outcomes that we wanted to achieve and that we had chosen and designated different areas that we would each work on individually but still as a group. He liked our chosen colour scheme, and also liked how we had chosen the colour green to highlight important areas – we chose this colour because green suggests natural environmental beauty, and is immediately associated to nature.

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