The Campaign Begins – Week 1

Week 1 of the campaign was all about planning and brainstorming different ideas. We quickly decided that we wanted a topic change from our previous subject of ‘abortion’, as we felt it could be difficult to work with for an entire campaign set up.

We first thought we would go for climate change, but then widened it to include areas like air pollution and oil spills, so went with the name, ‘Damaged Earth’ for our campaign.

We all went home and did plenty of research on the area, looking into ways we could promote the saving of our planet. We all then met up on Thursday and went through the basics of the campaign, such as, the title, the slogan, the contact details, the colour scheme, the logo, etc – these were important because we would need to keep them consistent throughout the campaign to keep it coherent.

As well as deciding on these basics, we each picked a different area of the campaign that we wanted to work on. Personally, I chose to create a billboard and posters. It is also my job to design the layout of our slogan. Other elements we spoke about included, pamphlets, a website, a video, and a pack of playing cards. We chose to use the font ‘Arial’, because it was very simple, basic font, that could be used in a variety of different ways – we particularly liked how it look in ‘slab’ form.

We discussed a few ideas for each and jotted notes down, then we were able to go away to work on them over this weekend. I am thinking of perhaps basing my billboard around things that ‘shouldn’t be’ or ‘are wrong’ due to the damage to the Earth we are causing. For example, I plan to create a design with a polar bear in the hot desert.


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Amber Lloyd

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