Placards – Campaign Launch

Today was the first day back after Christmas and the beginning of our new module: Field. For the new topic, we have been put into groups and set the task to create and set-up our own campaign.

To start the campaign, in our groups today, we made two-sided placards, with one side protesting ‘against’ our chosen subject, and the other side ‘for’. Our chosen subject was: Abortion.

After brainstorming a few different things that we could write on the placards, we came up with ideas like, “It’s a child, not a choice” and “My life matters,” but then decided to go with “Take my hand, not my life,” for the ‘against abortion’ side of the placard. We struggled more with the ‘for abortion’ side, so brainstormed ideas by thinking about particular circumstances that a mother or father might be in, that would make abortion acceptable. We managed to think of circumstances such as: rape; accident/mistake; an unstable childhood; and death, then found a way to include each of them on the placard (see photo below).

Inspired by the “Take my hand, not my life” quote, I drew out a quick sketch of a hand with the words written on it, which we then decided would make a good shape for the placard itself, as the shape of a hand would be much more interesting and eye-catching than a simple rectangular shaped placard.

Below are some photos of our completed placard, and also photos of everybody’s placards all together and being paraded around the university in a protest:


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