Animation – week 2

This week, we continued with the animation project.

Over the weekend, I had a rethink of my idea after deciding that the tea pot idea was not interesting enough as it simply followed the exact words of the nursery rhyme.
I changed my idea to ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ instead, and created my own story from it rather than following the rhyme exactly as I had done previously. Below is the new story board that I created:

2016-01-31 19.52.10 (1)

I cut out a spider body, spider legs, a rock, and a drain pipe, from card using a scalpel, which I would then use to create my stop motion animation. Unfortunately I was unable to use the iStopMotion compatible Apple Macs in the animation studio as they were fully booked, so instead I borrowed a camera from the graphics studio and set it up on my miniature gorilla tripod.

Everything seemed to be going wrong for me with this one as I realised the photos didn’t show the spider clearly enough and it looked really messy, so I had to go through editing every photo on PhotoShop individually. Although they looked much better and worked really well, it was taking far too long and was really time consuming.

Because of this, I was forced to completely change my idea for the third time, very last minute. I drew some drawings and scanned them into the computer and used photoshop to change each photo slightly.

2015-12-11 00.29.05

I then used Windows Movie Maker to insert the different images and put the duration of each to 0.1 seconds, making them flash up really quickly creating a smooth running simple animation.

Considering I only had a night to completely change and make this new animation, I was happy with outcome, although I wish the other had worked out. Hopefully, I will find the time to finish my first Incy Wincy Spider animation, as I would like to see what the final outcome could have been.

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