Animation – week 1

The final part of our ‘Story’ module, was to create a short animation or film of around 30 seconds long, based on our previous story books.

We started off the week and module with a talk from Wendy Keay-Bright, who introduced us to moving image narrative and showed us some example animations, including the Sand Man and an early Pixar animation. We were then set the task to design a story board for a simple animation with a ball being the only character – we were to present different emotions through movement of the ball, for example, if the ball was happy, it could be bouncing up and down; and if it was sad, it could look slumped. As seen below, in my own story board, I have used the ball speeding up and getting faster, to show excitement growing; and the little balls quiver when they become upset.

After deciding that my animation would be based on a nursery rhyme, as this is what my handmade book was about too, by the end of the week I had chosen the nursery rhyme, “I’m a Little Tea Pot.” Below is a more detailed story board that I designed for it, including a description, the duration of each section, SFX and music.

2016-01-31 19.51.35

After having two workshops with Matt – one for iMovie and one for iStopMotion, I decided that I would create a stop motion animation, as it is new to me and something I have never done before. I look at it as a brilliant way to expand my skills by creating something completely different to what I’m used to.



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