Following on from the bookmaking workshop that we took part in with Sarah Edmonds on Tuesday 20th October. We began to make our own books with Olwen and Jay.

We were asked to pick a story to write about and then make our own book using it. I chose a few of my favourite nursery rhymes from when I was younger – Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle, and Incy Wincy Spider.

I started out by creating a rough draft version (see below).


This helped me to work out how many pages I would need for my book, what would go on each page, and the layout of the book, such as what bits are going to be cut and where the interactive features are going to go.

I decided that because the book would have a young audience since it is nursery rhyme based, I wanted to include a fun interactive feature that the user could play with themselves. After looking at few different ideas, I decided that I would create the feature in the Incy Wincy Spider rhyme – I wanted there to be a spout and a spider that could be manually moved up and down the spout by the user. I was really happy when I managed to figure out a way in which I could make this happen – I used a needle and thread to sew and attach a travel route up the spout on which the spider would travel. I then firmly attached a 2D spider to the string, but ensured that it was still free to be moved up and down the thread/spout.

I am also happy with how I have cut the Humpty Dumpty egg out around the top, so that it allows some of the pattern from the next nursery rhyme’s (Hey Diddle Diddle) title page to show through.

I am a big fan of simple black and white outlines, but felt that because it was a children’s nursery rhyme book, I should add some colour, so I added just a few little specks of colour. This has added detail to the book and made it more exciting and eye-catching. Even though personally I prefer just black and white, for this particular brief, I think the colour was needed and serves it well.

I plan on making a hardback cover for the currently paperback book, using the same technique that Sarah taught us during our workshop the week previously.

Unfortunately I was unable to use letterpress printing for the text in my book as I was short on time and also had already bound the book before I remembered that I had planned to do this. Due to this, I am still yet to explore further with the letterpress, although I do still want and intend to.


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