Collage Workshop

During the workshop today with Ray Nicklin and Suzanne Carpenter, we used cut-outs from magazines and newspapers to play around with collage and layout.

To begin with, I struggled with trying to create a piece with deeper meaning behind it, but I discovered that if I went for something a lot more simple, the end creation was much more effective. In most of my pieces, there is an element of humour, for example, created by the enlarged spoon and fork that I used in almost every collage. I feel that some of the cut-outs that I used were too random, so I tried to improve on this.

After struggling in the beginning, I really like the fifth and final collage that I created. Before creating this piece, I had a rough plan set out in my mind of what I wanted to create and I think I achieved this – the piece is meant to represent having a free mind, as shown by the bird flying out from it.

If I were to do collaging again in the future, I would try and be more deliberate in what I choose to cut out and use, because I don’t think I did that enough when making these collages, meaning that they became a bit too random and lost meaning. However, I did enjoy experimenting and playing with scale, for example the giant spoon and fork and the tiny pair of hands – these also worked well together as seen in the first piece below where I have interlocked the fingers on the hand with the spikes on the fork.

After looking at some examples by designers and artists that use collaging as a technique, including Andy Martin, Hannah Hoch, Andrzej Klimowski and Adrian Cieslewiecz, I feel that my pieces should have been more in this style:


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Amber Lloyd

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One thought on “Collage Workshop”

  1. Amazed to see the volume of work and the variety. Glad the meanings of those names were explained. eg. hegemony

    Interesting that you enjoyed the printing room with the boxes of metal type/letters and that you recognise lettering when you see signs. Your GG.Grandfather was a Compositor/Journalist for a sports-news-paper.

    Glad you are enjoying your study Amber.


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